They dance the colours, the textures, the emotions, even the materials: painting and brush-strokes. They dance and jump, laugh, roll, play, arch, fly, decompose, paint.”
…this show achieves something rare in the realm of shows for young audiences: the public bursts into standing ovations!”
As it happens in painting, dance talks by itself. It is nice to think that what this company achieves on stage could happen every night in front of the pictures hanging at Fundación Joan Miró or at any other museum. In fact, seeing this show in a museum room would be the tops. He would love it.”

El País (Cataluña). Clara Blanchar.


Props appear and disappear throughout a succession of colourful and elegant scenes created out of the fantasies of the choreographer Enrique Cabrera.”
Elegant, creative and non-conventional…”
The final part is an explosion of colour: the dancers throw pieces of colourful fabrics a loft. They give life to a kind of surrealist canvas made of superimposed colours. The 500 spectators stood up to offer their ovation.”

La (Ed. Istres). Arnaud François


Constelaciones, a poetic alchemy combining dance and painting.”
With a thoughtful and subtle lighting design, the five dancers give life to the paintings by this great surrealist artist to the delight of the spectators.”

La (Ed. Istres). ArnaudDiaz


…He transforms the stage in a huge canvas in which bodies and shapes appear and disappear creating a multiplicity of beautiful forms.”
The result is convincing and goes beyond Joan Miró’s aesthetic”

Que revienten los artistas. Revista digital de las artes escénicas. Adolfo Simón.


They are special, beautiful, and exquisite. Aracaladanza’s production values are impeccable. Their shows are ones of the best you can see.”
Constelaciones is a beautiful work”

Cadena Ser. Prado Campos.


…He is still faithful to certain artistic and ethic principles that, these days, are commonly ignored in the supermarket of consumerism”

El Mundo. Julia Martín.


An impeccable show. A colour explosion. Conceptual surrealism on stage. Light. Colour. Light. Colour. Joy.”
Not only can’t you miss it, you have to repeat” Iria F. Silva.




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