I would love one of our local companies to acquire this work, if Aracaladanza can be persuaded to share it. A season of only four performances was not long enough for it to be exposed to everyone who would enjoy it – and that, I think, would include almost the whole population of Perth. Of Australia. Of the world!. Viva Aracaladanza!”

Arts Hub. Carol Flavell Neist


Clouds is a magical performance, one for the whole family to enjoy.”
Clouds is an entertaining, engaging, unique piece of work that will enchant whether you are five or one hundred and five.”

Aussie Theatre. Craig Dalglish.


When Aracaladanza’s Clouds finishes its run at the Perth International Arts Festival, there will be hundreds of children who want to practice shadow puppets, play with balloon heads, and chase clouds that turn into sheep. And hopefully, hundreds more children who have fallen in love with the thrill that theatre can bring.”

Australian Stage. Anna Locke.


…be entertained by the six skilled performers of Aracaladanza in 50 minutes of light, witty and visually eye-catching fantasy”
The packed theatre greatly appreciated it all, as did I, and the performers had to return many times for ‘curtain’ calls because of the sustained applause.”

Dance Australia. Margaret Mercer.


Magritte would tip his hat”
…for 50 minutes both children and adults were left speechless”

La Tribuna de Albacete. Cristina Martinez de la Ossa.


Poetry in motion”
…A compliment to the senses. Successful programming by the Abadia. And a show that can compete with the performances of Moses Pendleton!”



Aracaladanza is one of the most prestigious Spanish companies specializing in shows for young audiences.”

El País. Roger Salas.




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