The world reduced to a garden.
And in it strawberries, trapeze artists,
and lamps, and balloons, and flowers, and…
sparkling jewels locked in boxes;
tiny treasures that release the gift of air when opened.

They appear and disappear.
Tiny moments of happiness;
silly pills that offer joy.
And tenderness and emotion. And smiles and fun.

Dreams of paradise for everyone.
Or better: heavens invented in waltz
or even silence.

Joyful pieces that bring distant memories of other heavens:
The Garden of Earthly Delights

Bosch inspires a mad race to the imagination
and offers chaos as a point of departure.
With puppets or balloons: With paper or soap.

Like before, anything goes…
like always, everything dances…
like never before, everything shines
they are Pequeños Paraísos


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