Aracaladanza constructs a wonderful show with the resources that are commonly part of its oeuvre. Projections, sophisticated lighting effects, referential props skillfully placed on the stage and dance, plenty of dance.”

Iolanda G. Madariaga.


… featuring overwhelming artistic serenity and a choreographed rhythm brimming with surprises; it conveys a profound message of optimism and emotional impetus. Flying as an act of hope, as a struggle for dreams, as an example of how the impossible, though unreachable, is still totally necessary for the human spirit.”
How often have we renounced movement! Well, Aracaladanza doesn’t. It is expressed in this way: with constant gestures, the geometry of the air and the movement of the unstable.”

Jordi Sora i Domenjó. Escena de la memoria


A work at a frantic pace with perfect lighting which pleases both children and parents.”
If your family has not yet seen this little gem, don’t hesitate: they’ll thank you for it and you’ll leave delighted.”

Andrés Molinari. Periódico Ideal de Granada.


The designs and dancers are fabulous, and it is always engaging. There were plenty of children in the house and you barely heard a sound so rapt was their attention."

David Mead. Seeing Dance. Reino Unido


´Vuelos´, an incredibly beautiful contemporary dance performance about the universe of Leonardo da Vinci.”
The company Aracaladanza offers a show of intricate elegance, in which the choreography of the dancers plays with lighting technique, audiovisual elements or objects, inviting us to revive the dream of flying.”

P. Antón Marín Estrada. El Comercio de Gijón.


… of the extraordinary expression power of movement. Note I say movement, not dance in the classical sense, but movement freed of the straitjackets imposed upon it by the tradition of dramatic dance; scenic poetry capable of evoking the worlds imagined by this great visionary who was Leonardo da Vinci and of liberating and stimulating our own capacity for fascination and astonishment for a few moments.”

Gordon Craig. Doctor Brigato


Enrique Cabrera, along with his first-class creative team and exceptional performers, constructs a sober, luminous craft in which the forms and figures compose an exquisite puzzle that references the inventive universe of da Vinci.”
A show that is impeccably crafted which will delight all audiences who see it.”

Adolfo Simón. Que revienten los artistas. Revista digital de las artes escénicas.




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