Just say dance and contemporary together with children and families; then, add new audiences to quality and innovation, and you will get the obvious: Aracaladanza.

Since 1994, Enrique Cabrera, the heart and soul of the project, has helped the company become an indispensable part of the Spanish art scene and win critical and public acclaim.

Invited to participate in the most important national and international festivals, our creations have been showcased in the best theatres in Europe, Africa and Asia.

In the last few years, the company has lifted the curtain more than 1,500 times and their stage work for babies, children/youth, families and street audiences has been seen by nearly a million spectators.

Their ability to transform objects into protagonists and their impeccable stagecraft have marked the foundation of their work since the first steps of the company.

Open, respectful and attentive, Aracaladanza strives for artistic and business excellence without forgetting our spirit: to offer shows that contribute to the joy and happiness of society.

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