Loop is a love letter written by Aracaladanza to the stage machinery, in which dancers, machinists and electricians, together with curtains, spotlights, flight cases, backdrops, linoleum floors, stairs, carpets and mats, turn dance into a magical performance where the stage, its elements and those who work on it are the stars.

After the round of applause heard at the end of the show, spectators will be witnesses and accomplices in this imaginary adventure in which they too are part of the performance.

The end (beginning?) of the performance ensues when the dancers bow to the audience. We see spectators clapping. The curtain falls and we then discover how the stage is dismantled. The legs fall, the curtain is untied, the carpets are rolled up, everything is put away in the boxes. And it is then, once the stage is empty, that we are hypnotised by a flying curtain; we discover the world behind the scenes; we laugh following the lines on the floor; we smile switching on fans; we join a party with very little space.

And then it starts all over again!


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