Like Jackson Brown, Bart Simpson, Robbie Williams or John Cale millions of people have admired René Magritte’s paintings. Psychoanalytical theories, TV series, exhibitions, books and documentaries have all tried to unravel the significance of his powerful images.

Aracaladanza has never hidden its profound fascination with the lyrical, surreal, magical and fantastic universe born of the brush of Magritte.

The Belgian painter developed an uncompromising style in which the objects—or rather his artistic representations—become the central character.

The possibilities of finding creative inspiration in the Magritte’s strong images took shape after the premier of Pequeños Paraísos, a show based on the painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch.

And so Nubes became the second show in a series where we hope to find inspiration in the magic that painting geniuses such as Bosch, Magritte, Miró and El Greco transmit.

Nubes is a work that transforms the absurd into an artistic engine and emphasizes “the company’s mark”: the relation of dance to objects to transform them into protagonists.

And what you’re reading is not a dance show, no.

It actually is just a description of what already is a contemporary dance show.



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