When in the mire of the apparently unnamable reality they thought that we had forgotten to dream, they were wrong. Despite the rigors of sadness, the magic of the imagination illuminated a pathway of wonders that allowed us to grow wings and fly.

Leonardo da Vinci wished for utopia with all his heart and undertook his work to bring it to fruition. And now, his undeniable legacy has become our inspiration: his visionary dream feeds our roots and his striking oeuvre nurtures our work.

For some time now, Aracaladanza has dived into the rainbow, discovered tiny paradises, sketched clouds and painted constellations. Now the dream of swimming in the sky, walking on water and flying on land is back.

We do it because we feel the need to share the certainty that freedom is only posible when we dare to dream about a fairer and freer world. A happier world. A more human world.

Vuelos is a contemporary dance show for children and families, which aims to spark enjoyment of all the senses, turning them, too, into a subversive tool that contributes to changing the world.



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